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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We've done it, we finally got our own site. It's not pretty yet, but it'll get ball rolling. This site will act as a central hub for new products, guides and news.

In addition, I'll be able to offer better prices and options, to keep the money flowing more tightly within the Nerf and maker community. We'll also be revising all the assembly and operation guides for the Spring Thunder blaster platform. A much needed update to the officially welcome the new Model 5 Spring Thunder.

Later on, I'd like to begin putting out guides and reviews so I can start sharing and categorizing everything I've learned these past years. Ranging from the simple bits such as the prototyping tools used to the conceptual idea of design guides and thought processes.

I want this to become the hub of my thoughts and shared experiences to help the future generation, while also improving my small business independence for enabling the future. Gotta make enough money if I want to keep making silly blasters for all you guys. This is one of the most important steps in securing our future.

With that, I welcome you to our humble site and cheers to the future.

- GDop26

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