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Drill Accessories

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Black & Decker Modular Drill Platform

What sets this apart is its modular driver options. Coming with a drill driver standard, the head can be interchanged quickly with an impact driver, other drills, jigsaw, compressor, etc.



1/2" Big Boy Drill Adapter

Want to be a big boy? I use this for chucking in larger 1/2"bits for heavy duty application. Like drill big holes or chamfering pipes.


Impact Driver Attachment

Modular head for the drill, an impact driver imparts excessive torque to loosen and tighter screws that'd normally strip out. I use this for attaching wood screws and taking out pesky plastic screws and Nerf shells.


Mini Drill

To be honest, these aren't preferred in the shop. They're really only used by a couple guys and then by me if I can't find the drill. 6/10

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